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Agrowon is a trusted brand name in Agriculture, established on 20th April, 2005 an Agri Publication by The Sakal Media Group, the world’s first ever daily on Agriculture. A 16 page tabloid with 8 editions, was launched with the objective of equipping farmers with factual information on the latest technology to make them globally competitive and help them increase their income levels. Surpassing all expectations, Agrowon has grown and achieved an impressive readership over the years.


Top Sectors Advertising with us

  • Fertilizers
  • Agri Inputs
  • Electronics
  • Pesticides
  • Farm Implements
  • Retail
  • Seeds
  • Bank
  • Auto
  • Biotech
  • Machinery
  • Irrigation
  • Co- Operative
  • Government
  • Dairy
  • Animal Husbandry


Vision & Mission

To be the continued Agri-business daily leader educating farmers with latest agricultural technologies and techniques

readers Response

Featured Articles
Baliram RohileBaliram Rohile
I have three acres of sugarcane crop in my total fourteen acres of farm land. I have two bore wells. The water level in them has increased.
Raghuram AgleRaghuram Agle
We were able to carry out water conservation activities thanks to the department of agriculture and public participation. The problem of drinking water and water for agriculture in the village is solved now.
Pandurang DeshmukhPandurang Deshmukh
Agrowon changed the lives of me and family. In affection we named our farm "AGROWON FARM"
Balasaheb Bidve
Agrowon changed my life. In affection we have named our new bungalow “Agrowon”