Soil fertility Enhancement Initiative & Agri Allied Business Opportunity Coverage

(On the Training Program with extension activity implemented by The Krushi Vidhyan Kendra)

Farmers specifically from Khandbara & Sonpada village of Nandurbar have very marginal land & faces low availability of water & lack of near marketplace issues. The KVK always aims to inspire & motivate progressive farmers by implementing the various farming initiatives. So that way, farmers become more conscious about their soil fertility & qualitative productivity of farming. The KVK of this region has helped them to train & educate on vermin culture production techniques & the related extension of activity on the same pace to enhance soil fertility & better productivity of their land. The KVK divided into 11 units/ groups across this region & provided two vermi beds per unit for vermiculture preparation. The farmer group also amplified this initiative & benefits across the region

On analyzing demand of vermicompost, the farmers became the relevant fertilizer entrepreneurs with the help of the KVK & sold 60 ton of vermin compost & 130 kg vermin culture @ 250 Rs/ Kg only in 2017-18. They also inspired to other farmers of the near regions to implement vermiculture techniques for better productivity & business benefits too.

Currently, 25 farmers of Sonpada village are in under training program of the KVK with an objective to enhance healthy soil fertility & empower farmer initiative of this region. Now, Vermicompost preparation became the social movement as enhancing soil fertility as well as the source of economy to farmers of Nandurbar district. In the coming time, they want to use garbage for compost preparation for that they are on the way to restructuring pit concept normally observed around houses.

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