Fully Automated Agri Technology Adaptation in 22 Acre Farm

Ratan Nikam, Post graduated the progressive farmer, has implemented fully drip automation in his 22 acre orchard In Nashik (Vadner Bhairav). This helped to minimize human efforts & time while maintaining equal quality of productivity.

Nashik is well known for grapes farming. To maintain quality of export type & compete against water deficiency are issues he had to cope with in every season. Because of this issue, he has diverted his orientation towards fully owned drip automation along with fertigation technique. The provided each water, fertilizer drop is used in this technology resulted into export type of the production.

The in-details of drip Automation & Water management module & benefits received are briefed in this article of Agrowon for creating awareness of this technology across farming technology. This technique helps in deciding how to maintain the produce quality as per customer & market demand. He has created the foreign markets like UK & Bangladesh for his grapes.

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